How to Use The Endless Beautiful Method

The Endless Beautiful Method is an extremely versatile framework that can be used for sparking creativity, building artistic skills, meditation, therapy, and so much more! At the core of Endless Beautiful are the custom 15-minute Audio Sessions. Each Session is comprised of original audio that the method’s creators, Lucas Pralle and Carolyn Decker, have recorded and mixed to maximize that Session’s effectiveness.

Endless Beautiful Sessions feature audio recorded from a vast range of sources – trains speeding by, jumping in puddles, lighting matches, dolphins feeding along a sea wall, factory machines, woodland songbirds, bustling cafes… The diversity of sound is where the true magic of the EB Method comes in. Every audio clip is unique and each recording is used only once! We want to supply you with as many dynamic sources of inspiration as possible.

Our audio clips capture the entire context of any given recording setting, rather than a single sound in isolation. This recording style maintains the many-layered effect of the sounds, allowing you to tune in to the varying auditory elements and their influence on your creativity!  When you listen to the session, you should attempt to be as open as possible to exploring those layers. The easiest way to do this is to keep creating during the entire 15-minute duration of the session. If you manage to do this simple task of open and concentrated creativity for 15 minutes, you will come up with some surprising results!

Remember that the act of creating is just as important (if not more!) than the resulting piece, so don’t censor your creative flow. Allow yourself to access memories cued by the sounds and write them down. You can also express them through drawing, painting, or any medium of your choice! Let the sounds evoke details of an imaginary scene and give life to a story, poem, or song. Pay close attention to your emotional reaction to the sounds. Challenge yourself to move beyond identifying the sounds and note how you respond. Are you soothed? Irritated? Excited? Use those reactions and sensory responses to inform your creative expressions.

The Endless Beautiful Method works for everyone, no matter your level of artistic experience. It is not just for people that identify themselves as creatives. Taking the time to use an EB session can provide a much-needed moment of mindfulness in your busy life. It can be used to come up with new ideas or reflect on subconscious feelings. Endless Beautiful can be used for language training. It can be used for therapy sessions. The more you use Endless Beautiful, the better you get at it! We recommend trying an Endless Beautiful Session with a partner, friend, or family members. Share your creations aloud with one another after the session and reflect on what each of you has just made! Sharing is an important part of engaging with the Endless Beautiful method because it lends new perspective to your creative process. We often discover surprises in each other’s work, deepening each participant’s experience of creating!

When you are ready to listen and create with your Endless Beautiful Sessions, find a quiet place and get your notebook, laptop, and imagination ready for a work-out. We recommend listening using headphones to hear the full range of the high-quality audio. Do what works best for you! Every Endless Beautiful Session begins with a chime and ends with a chime, signaling that it is time to put distractions aside, and create! Taking this time to engage your creative spirit will benefit you mentally and physically, in addition to adding a fun but disciplined exercise in your life as a creative person. (Believe us, you are more creative than you realize.)

If you’re still not sure how to use your first Endless Beautiful Session, take a look and listen at our podcast page. Listen and create along with Lucas and Carolyn during each podcast episode! We feature guests from around the world every week that have incredibly diverse backgrounds – doctors, writers, painters, teachers, musicians, event planners, scientists, communication trainers – they all use the Endless Beautiful Method and come up with amazing results!

Happy creating!

Lucas & Carolyn