Audio prompted free writing is something I have never tried before. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to try some more. I normally write to instrumental music, but something about the different sounds of life really sparked a creative flame.

Both characters I wrote today were entirely new to me, but I can’t wait to get home and see if either of their stories turn into something more.
I am so happy that I chose to come to this workshop. I will become a regular user of Endless Beautiful! Thank you for doing this!

Emily Brady
Workshop Participant, Marlborough Public Library

This workshop was excellent. Eye and ear opening. Never considered using sounds (other than music) to influence writing as much as these did. Lucas and Carolyn are great instructors and truly bring a unique perspective to creative writing. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned writer you will get something from this workshop. Highly recommended and really fun!

Tony Nesbitt
Workshop Participant, Marlborough Public Library

If the words “Endless Beautiful” conjure images of eternal bliss and inspiration, it’s no accident. Lucas Pralle and Carolyn Decker have conceived a unique creativity venue designed to tap into what, for many souls, may be a sense seldom used in depth. In an age where three out of every four people you see on the street or riding on a bus are wearing ear buds or headphones, you would think sounds are a big part of everyone’s day. The reality is most of these folks are simply immersed in noise, whether it’s head-banging music or endless chatter. There is a difference between hearing and listening, between noise and sound.

Robert Bennett
Workshop Participant, Various Venues

Writing and reading what I wrote out loud to people, I don’t know, sounds so intimidating, but in the moment I’m doing it here, everything is just fine. In a way, I think this is excellent practice for public speaking/giving presentations.

Great fun to hear people create something truly unique in 15 minutes. Brought me out of my comfort zone in the most natural, comfortable way. Thank you!

Inspiring, gets the creative juices flowing. Would definitely attend another session!

This was great. So meditative. A wonderful creative break.

This was such a fun time!! I was worried because I am not much of a creative writer, but the session was so easy and relaxed. It’s an experience like no other of personal discovery that will make you write/create/share memories and ideas in a very unique way. I loved it!

Ana Brenescoto, Workshop Participant, EcoRI Event

Thank you for organizing these workshops! I really enjoyed being able to just write without worrying about the quality of my work or why I chose certain topics. I look forward to trying out more!


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