Session 59: Butter Knife Blues – Featuring Jeremy Siskind, Jazz Pianist

Join Endless Beautiful and critically acclaimed jazz pianist Jeremy Siskind as they explore the Butter Knife Blues EB Session! Hear about the House Concert Movement and theories combining literature and jazz. Listen and create with us during this episode!

Pianist Jeremy Siskind is the winner of the 2012 Nottingham International Jazz Piano Competition and the second-place winner of the 2011 Montreux Solo Piano Competition. A two-time finalist for the American Pianist Association’s Cole Porter Fellowship, Siskind has performed jazz and classical music at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, in Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, Cyprus, England, Lebanon, India, Tunisia, France, and China. Siskind began serving full-time on the keyboard faculty of Fullerton College in Southern California in 2017 after teaching at Western Michigan University for five years.

As a pedagogue, Siskind boasts eleven publications with Hal Leonard, including the landmark instructional book, Jazz Band Pianist. Siskind is also a leader of the house concert movement, having performed in over 100 houses in 24 different states around the U.S., and given presentations on in-home concerts at Jazz Education Network, MTNA, and Chamber Music America conferences.

A proud Yamaha Artist since 2013, Siskind holds degrees from the Eastman School of Music (Jazz Performance and Music Theory) and Columbia University (English and Comparative Literature). His teachers include Tamir Hendelman, Tony Carmaia, Harold Danko, Rose Grace, Sophia Rosoff, and Fred Hersch.

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  • Microwave and Chime
  • Ceramic Figures
  • Starting and Driving in the Rain
  • Butter Knife Blues
  • Blowing into the End of a Crutch
  • Reading Cards
  • Martinique Climbing Stairs
  • Rubbing Around Snow

Lucas’s Result

Close the hatch and activate. Microwave setting to high. Bits of cheese and bacon. Smooth glass sound of chimes behind you.

Grab the plate. Too hot. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

Perfect form and transcendence. The corrugated light at the back of the microwave transfixes you and you and enter a different spectral plane.

Welcome traveler. This is the hall of Olympic fury. All gods have stood where you are seated. Let us begin. Please scan your ticket in the reader placed next to your seat. Seat number 43. You have purchased a scalped ticket. Remove yourself and enjoy an existence of constant damnation.

Let the games begin! On the screen you will find Disney’s, 1961 classic, 101 Dalmations playing.

On stage right, the almighty Zeus and Ares engaged in battle cornhole.

You there, coming in to replace number 43. Play some music! Ah yes, as you look down at you forearms you will find that they have been replaced with band saws – good for bendy notes and even better for carving trinkets. Get to work!

What is this? Revealing itself behind a curtain stage left. It is a dragon! Old as time itself. The beginning of all that is will now grace us with the sound of her beautiful flute.

Nevermind. The all-knowing dragon doesn’t have any lips and can’t play wind instruments.


Viewers, if you open your app that you downloaded for tonight’s festivities, you will find a very special tarot reading….and a code for a holographic goat to materialize at any jukebox in the continental U.S.

I’m not telling you to do anything specific, but it would be quiet funny to materialize all of your goats in one dive bar in Tennessee….Just saying. Do what you want.

The door of the microwave closes, and you are standing with a bowl of cold, soggy nachos…and the knowledge that dragons do not have lips.