Frequency Writers Result 2018

Frequency Class 2018 - Endless Beautiful

Our 2018 Endless Beautiful writing course with Frequency Writers in Providence, Rhode Island is complete! We led the course of four classes using the EB Method to enhance our creativity and make a commitment to “sacred writing time” for students and instructors. We met Sunday evenings at Ada Books and spent the class hours listening, writing, and sharing. We created four custom EB Sessions that debuted each week of class as the initial writing prompt. We loved delving deep into our soundbank to build these audio prompts, featuring sounds as far-flung as a Wisconsin rodeo, the beaches of Martinique, and…

Galway Kinnell Poetry Festival Result

Galway Kinnell Poetry Festival

The first Galway Kinnell Poetry Festival is in the books! Carolyn and I spent about 3 weeks going around Pawtucket, RI recording sounds for this special session for our workshop. It was a blast exploring places like McCoy Stadium and Slater Mill during our recording adventures. It was also an amazing chance to familiarize ourselves with Galway Kinnell’s poetry. We met a lot of great people along the way while preparing for this event. Carolyn and I were excited to share what we had come up with for the session! The workshop did not disappoint. Participants filled all of the…

Attleboro Community Keeper – Amy Rhilinger

Attleboro Community Keepers

Attleboro Community Keeper, Amy Rhilinger, joins us for this episode of EB. Over three weeks, Amy was part of our Keepers program at DoubleACS Studios in Attleboro, MA. She was sent home with a recorder and trained how to put an EB Session together. We listen and create with Amy’s session for the first time. This is also the beginning of a contest that we’re running for the next month. Listen to the session and submit your result on our website. It can be writing, audio, or an image that was inspired by the session. We will announce the winner…

Community Keepers Literative Contest Session

Community Keepers

Behold! It’s the session created by the very first cohort of Community Keepers in Woonsocket, RI! Along with being used for the Community Keepers Event on May 19, 2018, this session is the prompt for Literative’s contest that they have running until June 20, 2018. 1st place = $50, 2nd place = $25, 3rd place = $10. Make sure to tell your friends!

Fung Chern Hwei – Violinist and Composer

Fung Chern Hwei Photo

Join the incredible violinist and composer Fung Chern Hwei as he creates using the EB Session: New York City! Chern Hwei performs and tours extensively with the string quartets Sirius Quartet and Seven)Suns. Along with creating using the EB Method, Chern Hwei takes the time to tell us a little about his creative process and how he keeps his projects on track. Be sure to check it out! Being one of the most sought after musicians in New York City, Fung Chern Hwei is an active violinist, violist, composer and arranger, both in the States and beyond. Throughout his career…

Session 66: Grandfather Clock – Free Basic Version

Grandfather Clock Cover

It’s time to create with Endless Beautiful! Make sure you go to our website to get your high quality versions of our sessions and take advantage of all of our special deals! Sounds Grandfather Clock Bird Whistle Real Birds Don’t Try this at Home Bread Machine Crackling Fire Hammer Dulcimer Passing Amtrak Patio Furniture and Concrete Small Chime Ceramic Animal Tea Pieces Blender Let me in bro! Tin Can

Session 65: Alocasia – Free Basic Version

Alocasia Cover

Tune in to hear the basic version of Endless Beautiful Session 65: Alocasia. If you like what you hear, check out the high quality version of this session and many others in our store at! Sounds Slinky Tube Siren on the Square (Madison, WI) Carousel We Want a Vote! Grinding Coffee by Hand Silver Line Walking Around Laughing Martinique Extraordinary Rendition Band Saints Driving in Rain Alocasia Leaf This is Democracy Stay on the Sidewalk Chinatown Arcade

Session 64: New York City – Free Basic Version

New York City Cover

Free basic version of the New York City session. This session contains 14 different recordings from around NYC. And it’s all presented in 15 minutes! Be sure to purchase the high quality version of this session to maximize your experience and hear the subtle and lively details present in the background! Sounds Tip for Luigi Outside Convent Ave Baptist Church – Harlem Shuman Running Track Leaving Port Authority Bus Terminal Subway Ride Leaky Hydrant Harlem Chinatown Street Corner 9/11 Memorial Entering Building Transfer Available for BCD12 Train Steelpan Underground Times Square Free Syria Rally Lost Cement Truck

Session 63: Gumball – Free Basic Version

Gumball Cover

Free basic version of the Gumball session. Be sure to purchase the high quality version of this session in our store to maximize your experience! Sounds Gumball Playing Pool Slicing Stuff Bus and Crosswalk Approaching Carousel Nighttime Martinique Wildlife Flipping Pages Talking Combs Spectral Radio Blowing Bubbles with a Straw Dry Dead Leaves Gym Blood Machine

Session 62: Front Desk – Free Basic Version

Front Desk Cover

Free basic version of the Front Desk session. Be sure to purchase the high quality version of this session on to maximize your experience! Sounds Front Desk Waiting for Silver Line Ceramic Chime Alarm Clock Radio Fishermen on the Beach Taking Off From Logan Elevator Hampton Inn Madison Blinds Martinique Walking Near River Door Stopper Ice Machine Gas Meter Mysterious Knocking Noise Throwing a Tree into the River Lucas’s Result He picked up the phone. Dialed the smeared number on the piece of paper hiding in the back of his wallet. Jim was looking for 30 minutes. He thought…