Simple Machines

Carolyn and Lucas use the EB Engine to push them into new creative territory. The discussion ends up touching on language, simple machines, graphene, and happenings on the other side of closed drawers.  Find many more goodies at Feel free to share what you come up with on our facebook/ebcreativity

Box Fans, Apples, and Inter-dimensional Machines

Lucas and Carolyn take the EB Engine for a spin and share what they came up with. They talk about family, inter-dimensional travel, apples, and box fans.  If this episode made you think of any memories, please feel free to send us a message at You can check in on the EB Engine at any time by going to and pressing play!

EB Radio Livestream

EB Radio Cover

Lucas and Carolyn use EB Radio as the prompt for this livestream. This discussion includes themes ranging from climate change to serial murderers. You never know what you’re going to get during an EB workshop! Remember to submit phone recordings to be played on Endless Beautiful Radio on the website, Carolyn’s EB Livestream Result January 13, 2019: We have come to the old cemetery,crayons and paper in hand, scalpels for the lichen,brushes for the grit–so many slate headstones,their skulls and carven wings, so much ash and dust,and four hundred years peace, a baker’s dozen generations of childrencome to wax…

Blacksmith Livestream

Blacksmith Livestream

Lucas and Carolyn reflect a bit on all of the amazing developments that the listeners and participants of EB helped make happen in 2018 before using Session 38: Blacksmith for this livestream. Lucas writes about the sometimes grueling sacrifices that a parent must make for their children. Carolyn writes about classification and how to better understand the natural world that we live in. It’s a good time! Lucas’s result from 12.30.18 livestream: He poured the small stones into the glass jar. It was nearly full. The weight of it had been growing heavier over the past two hours, but the…

Snow Livestream

Snow Livestream Cover

We use Session 52: Snow for this workshop. Carolyn writes a piece of fiction that questions inspiration, imagination, and dreams. Lucas writes a story about a not-so-distant future where virtual reality provides the ultimate escape. What will be the consequences for our society when this happens? Also, send your recordings to add to the new EB Radio station on our website! Carolyn’s Result: The hatchway door opens. Cool air rushes in sudden and stale, displacing the swelter of the underground. From inside the tunnel, the engine whirs. The guide lights flicker on in succession. Spray jets coat the opening with ice, and…

Gift Livestream

Gift Livestream Cover

We use Session 73: Gift for this workshop. Watch and listen as Carolyn shares her powerful story of being in the Women’s March in Boston. Lucas shares a crazy story about being at a Slayer concert. The discussion then turns to ideas of liberty in America and what that means in 2018. We have the video and audio versions of the livestream below. Carolyn’s piece from the 12/9/18 livestream: We make noise–we holler, we jointhe ruckus and the rumble, the jostlingshoulder-to-shoulder, knee-to-kneeof the gathering, we cheer,our voices singing the steam whistle,the rally of the island ferry pullinginto harbor. We ring out…

Jar of Treasures Livestream

Jar of Treasures Livestream

We chose Session 43: Jar of Treasures for this workshop. Watch and listen as Lucas pens a story about a mysterious man and his journey around the country. Carolyn writes a poem about the importance of creating and maintaining shelter…and knowing when to leave it. We have the video and audio versions of the livestream below. Lucas’s Result He didn’t know what he had been walking for anymore. The soles of his shoes were worn out. His jeans were shredded at the bottoms. His neck had been sunburned so many times and had peeled so massively, it was thick like the…

Salt Livestream

Salt Livestream

We picked a random session from our library and ended up with Session 56: Salt for this workshop. Watch and listen as Carolyn pens a fantasy world that she’s been imagining for 15 years! Lucas writes a story that examines a man’s harrowing escape from murderous drones. Is this frightening tale a window into our collective tech-dependent future? We have the video and audio versions of the livestream below. Carolyn’s Result It rains heavily in the swamps. Ever since the cataclysmic earthquakes, and the development of the desert, weather gets stuck over the bottomlands. The cliffs drop off far the west where…

Night Weirdos Livestream

Night Weirdos Livestream

Here is our livestream from Sunday, November 11 at 7 pm EST! We debut a new session here: Night Weirdos. What’s up with the name you ask? Well, Carolyn and I are often weirdos wandering around making and recording noises in the night! The strange looks we receive are half the fun! We have the video and audio versions of the livestream below. Lucas’s Result It had been running all night, and they were running out of gas. Luis was the last one to use the can. That was two hours ago. He estimated there was maybe a quarter left. Then they’d…

Frequency Workshop 4 Livestream

Livestream Cover

We kicked off our first FB livestream on Sunday, November 4 at 7 pm EST! Members of the Endless Beautiful Creators Group chose our Frequency Workshop 4 session as the one to be used. We have the video and audio versions below. Carolyn’s Result from the 11/4/18 livestream: Voices mingle in the chamber,muffled as the leaves through the tall panes,the glass frosted, the trees bronze–my grandmother reminds me thatwhen I was a child, I told herNovember was my favorite monthand she asks me to remind her why–the skies, I realize all over again,pinkness coming through the bleak grays,the reminder that…

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