Literative Interviews Lucas Pralle and Carolyn Decker

Carolyn and I recently did an interview with the folks over at Literative. In the piece, we share a bit about the really funny and weird origins of Endless Beautiful. We also delve into our philosophy regarding the method, what we’re thinking when we put a session together, and other tidbits that you might not pick up anywhere else.

Here’s a little sample:

I met Carolyn in a writing workshop in Suzhou, China. She was a poet travelling through on a Watson Fellowship, and I was teaching English there. Carolyn brought a poem about a country cemetery in Australia. I brought a chapter about a guy wanking it in the bathroom stall of a Secret Soviet Psychotechnology Lab. I made Carolyn laugh, and she agreed to an interview on the podcast that I was working on in China at the time, Worm Island.

You can read the full Literative interview here!

Endless Beautiful is the writing prompt for Literative this month. 1st place gets a $30 Amazon gift card. 2nd place gets a $15 card. There is no cost for entry. Just do the session and submit what you came up with here!