Frequency Endless Beautiful Writing Class in Providence, RI


Rhode Island writers! Get ready for a writing class in Providence unlike any you’ve taken before! Co-creators of Endless Beautiful, Lucas Pralle and Carolyn Decker are teaching a writing course with Frequency Writers this fall! This class is open to all levels of writing experience. Poets, novelists, non-fiction writers, diarists, etc. are all welcome! All you need is an open mind and a readiness to put your creativity to work!

We want you in this class! Challenge yourself to get more creative this fall. Let’s be inventive, thoughtful, and do some real writing! Sign up at!

Frequency Writers is a community of writers that holds workshops, classes, readings and other events to “engage writers of all levels of experience, ages, and backgrounds.” We are thrilled to work with Frequency on this course. We will be pulling out all the stops for creative writing exercises during this course. Each week will feature original audio content from Endless Beautiful as well as personalized instruction and discussion. Each participant will generate new writing during all four classes, and receive thoughtful feedback from the instructors and the group.

This writing course will use the EB method to inspire writing through sound. Over the four classes, we will listen, create, and share in class using custom audio sessions to fuel our creativity. The EB method is all about challenging our creativity, putting our imaginations to work, and having meaningful conversations. We use multimedia technology to enhance the various elements of the course. Come connect with other writers from around Rhode Island and have fun with us!

Who: Endless Beautiful co-creators Lucas Pralle and Carolyn Decker (and you!)
What: Rhode Island writing class from Endless Beautiful and Frequency Writers
When: Sunday evenings, September 23rd – October 14th, 6:00pm – 8:30pm.
Where: Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street, Providence, RI
Why: Improve your writing! Try something new! Challenge your creative capacity! Make friends!
How: Sign up at!

Frequency Writers has scholarship money available if $$ is an obstacle! Anyone can apply, so please do so! Find out more about financial options here. You can also donate to Frequency to help make these scholarships available to others!

Here’s the course description for this upcoming workshop series:

The Endless Beautiful method uses sound to engage participants with their imaginations and artistic crafts, guiding them into uncharted territory. Our participants create new work every time they use the EB method, allowing them to practice various styles and mediums in an open and mindful environment. Endless Beautiful asks participants to “tune in” to the sources of their inspiration.

Our plan for the four week course is as follows:
1) Week One will consist of an introduction to the Endless Beautiful method of using our 15-minute audio session prompts to listen, write, and share in-class. Pralle and Decker will guide the class through the steps and each student will become familiar with our workshop format and get to know their peers!
2) Week Two will build upon the lessons of the first week with more in-class writing exercise using adaptations of the method including group or partnered writing.
3) Week Three will focus on practicing specific writing elements (chosen by the students) while employing the EB method.

4) Week Four will return to the open workshop format where each student (and instructor) will listen, write, and share. This workshop will be open to the public and recorded as an episode of the Endless Beautiful podcast.