Family Reunion and Party Ideas

Do you need a party idea for a family reunion or gathering of friends? It can be tricky to plan an activity that works for all ages, and keeps everyone entertained! Endless Beautiful is a great option for family reunions, parties, or gatherings of any size!

Create lasting memories using an Endless Beautiful Session! Make this party one for the scrapbooks! The EB Method is simple, fun, and creates different results every time. All the party-goers, including the grandparents, distant cousins, neighbors, friends, and little kids are sure to be impressed!

Just follow these easy steps to have a great family reunion or gathering of friends:

  1. Go to the EB Store to choose a High Quality Session. Every session is 15 minutes long and uses different hand-picked recordings designed to help you and your guests be creative!
  2. Download your Session and save it to play at the party. You can use a computer, phone, or any other device to play the Session.
  3. Set up a speaker and your device to play the Session at the party!
  4. Gather your family and friends! Give everyone paper and pen. (Feel free to use other art materials as you wish!)
  5. Instruct everyone that the goal is to Listen, Create, and Share. Tell them to keep their pen moving for the whole 15 minute EB Session. Write or draw anything that comes to mind!
  6. Press play! Every Session begins and ends with a chime. Write a poem, story, or memory! Draw a portrait, a landscape, or a scene from a dream! Doodle! Complain about being asked to use your imagination! Anything goes!
  7. After the Session, it is time to share! Draw straws, pull numbers, or simply go around the room. Everyone must read or otherwise share their creation with the group. This is a critical step to make memories, reveal hidden talents, or have a warm laugh at Cousin Billy’s caricature of Grandma, complete with her bowl of signature three-bean salad.
  8. Respond to one another with respectful comments and reactions. Feedback is fun and important but keep it moving! Everyone in the room must share!
  9. If you want, take it to the next level and record the sharing portion of the EB Method. Get out your video recorder, take pictures, and make this an occasion to remember!
  10. Share your results with us at Endless Beautiful. We love seeing your creativity in action!

Have a great party! Make Endless Beautiful a family tradition and remember to Listen, Create, Share!

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