Salt Livestream

Salt Livestream

We picked a random session from our library and ended up with Session 56: Salt for this workshop. Watch and listen as Carolyn pens a fantasy world that she’s been imagining for 15 years! Lucas writes a story that examines a man’s harrowing escape from murderous drones. Is this frightening tale a window into our collective tech-dependent future? We have the video and audio versions of the livestream below. Carolyn’s Result It rains heavily in the swamps. Ever since the cataclysmic earthquakes, and the development of the desert, weather gets stuck over the bottomlands. The cliffs drop off far the west where…

What Cheer Sprint Meeting Room

What Cheer Club Sprint Day Results

The NaNoWriMo Sprint Day at What Cheer Writers Club in Providence was awesome! We tested our new exclusive headphone setup that is capable of supporting 10 simultaneous creators. It allows us to set up and launch into a creative workshop quickly. We used the EB Session 072: Night Weirdos. Our participants brought amazing perspectives to the workshop today. One participant edited an article covering the important influence of philanthropist women in our country. Another participant generated wonderful notes about a shape-shifting mechanical dragon. We had yet another participant draw these incredible line art illustrations with embedded text–there were several pages…

What Cheer Writers Club Sprint Day

Endless Beautiful at What Cheer Writers Club Sprint Day

We’re running a few workshops at one of our favorite haunts in Providence this weekend! The What Cheer Writers Club is hosting a NaNoWriMo Sprint Day on Sunday, November 18 from 10 am until 5 pm. Endless Beautiful will be hosting two workshops that day. The first workshop will be at 1 pm. The second workshop will be held at 3 pm. NaNoWriMo is specifically about writing a novel in the month of November. The What Cheer Writers Club Sprint Day is not only about supporting those attempting to complete that amazing task. It’s a day for anybody to get some writing…

Night Weirdos Livestream

Night Weirdos Livestream

Here is our livestream from Sunday, November 11 at 7 pm EST! We debut a new session here: Night Weirdos. What’s up with the name you ask? Well, Carolyn and I are often weirdos wandering around making and recording noises in the night! The strange looks we receive are half the fun! We have the video and audio versions of the livestream below. Lucas’s Result It had been running all night, and they were running out of gas. Luis was the last one to use the can. That was two hours ago. He estimated there was maybe a quarter left. Then they’d…

Livestream Cover

Frequency Workshop 4 Livestream

We kicked off our first FB livestream on Sunday, November 4 at 7 pm EST! Members of the Endless Beautiful Creators Group chose our Frequency Workshop 4 session as the one to be used. We have the video and audio versions below. Carolyn’s Result from the 11/4/18 livestream: Voices mingle in the chamber,muffled as the leaves through the tall panes,the glass frosted, the trees bronze–my grandmother reminds me thatwhen I was a child, I told herNovember was my favorite monthand she asks me to remind her why–the skies, I realize all over again,pinkness coming through the bleak grays,the reminder that…

EB Creators Livestream

EB Creators Livestream

We run an Endless Beautiful Facebook livestream workshop every Sunday at 7pm! You can access the workshops and comment on the live feed by going to our Facebook Page. Be sure to join our Endless Beautiful Creators Group to get updates and to join in on the conversation. Post the work that you create during the workshop on our Community Page! We’re here to build a supportive community of creators. We welcome work of all mediums or formats! Livestream Links: 1/13/2019 12/30/2018 12/23/2018 12/9/2018 11/25/2018 11/18/2018 11/11/2018 11/4/2018

Frequency Class 2018 - Endless Beautiful

Frequency Writers Result 2018

Our 2018 Endless Beautiful writing course with Frequency Writers in Providence, Rhode Island is complete! We led the course of four classes using the EB Method to enhance our creativity and make a commitment to “sacred writing time” for students and instructors. We met Sunday evenings at Ada Books and spent the class hours listening, writing, and sharing. We created four custom EB Sessions that debuted each week of class as the initial writing prompt. We loved delving deep into our soundbank to build these audio prompts, featuring sounds as far-flung as a Wisconsin rodeo, the beaches of Martinique, and…

Galway Kinnell Poetry Festival

Galway Kinnell Poetry Festival Result

The first Galway Kinnell Poetry Festival is in the books! Carolyn and I spent about 3 weeks going around Pawtucket, RI recording sounds for this special session for our workshop. It was a blast exploring places like McCoy Stadium and Slater Mill during our recording adventures. It was also an amazing chance to familiarize ourselves with Galway Kinnell’s poetry. We met a lot of great people along the way while preparing for this event. Carolyn and I were excited to share what we had come up with for the session! The workshop did not disappoint. Participants filled all of the…

Frequency Writing Class

Frequency Endless Beautiful Writing Class in Providence, RI

CLASS IS IN PROGRESS! Rhode Island writers! Get ready for a writing class in Providence unlike any you’ve taken before! Co-creators of Endless Beautiful, Lucas Pralle and Carolyn Decker are teaching a writing course with Frequency Writers this fall! This class is open to all levels of writing experience. Poets, novelists, non-fiction writers, diarists, etc. are all welcome! All you need is an open mind and a readiness to put your creativity to work! We want you in this class! Challenge yourself to get more creative this fall. Let’s be inventive, thoughtful, and do some real writing! Sign up at…

Galway Kinnell Endless Beautiful

Galway Kinnell Poetry Festival

Endless Beautiful is teaming up with the Galway Kinnell Poetry Festival this year! We will host an Endless Beautiful writing workshop September 15th, 10am – 12pm at the Hampton Inn Board Room at 2 George Street in Pawtucket! This festival is held in honor of Pulitzer Prize winning poet Galway Kinnell, who grew up in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Read more about Galway Kinnell here. The Poetry Foundation describes Kinnell as “an award-winning poet best known for poetry that connects the experiences of daily life to much larger poetic, spiritual, and cultural forces. Often focusing on the claims of nature and…