Creative Writing Exercises

Whether you’re looking for creative writing exercises for the classroom or yourself, we have you covered at Endless Beautiful! Our incredibly easy to use and flexible method can be used to help boost productivity, generate ideas, defeat writer’s block, build teams, and so much more!

How do I get started with this creative writing exercise?

The first thing that you will need is one of our High Quality Endless Beautiful Sessions. These are 15 minute audio sessions that are comprised of several recordings that we have captured and stitched together. No two recordings are ever used twice in the EB Sessions. At the time of this writing we have used 400+ different sounds!

We have a free EB Session for you to try out here. We also have a store full of High Quality Sessions to choose from. You will need one of those.

Now that you have your session, you will need to have paper and pencil, a computer, or something to write with. You will also need a way to play the audio session. You can use your computer or a cell phone. If you are in a noisy area, you might want to wear a pair of headphones.

Got it. What’s next?

Hit play on the session. Now start writing. The only rule here is that you can’t stop writing for the 15 minutes. It sounds scary before you start, but trust me, it’s easy to keep going with the help of the audio session.

Don’t worry about specifically identifying the sounds while you listen. You can do that, but you can also do a lot more. This creative writing exercise is meant to open channels in your mind that you wouldn’t necessarily explore otherwise.

Let the sounds stimulate memories that you have stored away. You might want to get a little personal reflection down on the page. Form isn’t terribly important in the early stages here. Just keep writing!

I’ve completed the 15 minute creative writing exercise. Now what?

Don’t dwell on what you produced too much. The best thing that you can do with an Endless Beautiful Workshop result is to share it with someone. Have students come up to the front and read what they wrote if you did this in a class. Remind them before you get started that this was just 15 minutes, and that you’re not expecting perfection. Although you might be surprised by what they were capable of coming up with!

Share what you come up with even if you did the creative writing exercise by yourself. This might be a message to a friend or posting it on social media. I personally like reading it aloud to someone. The nice thing about these is that they were made in only 15 minutes. So they’re not that long. You don’t have to make your friends read your 30 page story or listen to your 7 minute song that may or may not be good.

You might have wrote something amazing in the 15 minutes. Your friends will say, “I can’t believe you came up with that in such a short period of time!” You also might have wrote something completely silly. That’s fine too! Laugh it off and move on!

You will get better if you use this creative writing exercise on a regular basis.

The EB Method is not just for laughs. You can get some serious writing done if you use EB Sessions on a regular basis. Build a routine. It only takes 15 minutes and the benefits go way beyond being a productive writer. I recommend using at least one EB Session a week. You will probably want to do more than that, but setting a goal of once a week is a solid foundation.

We release a new High Quality EB Session for your creative writing exercises every Monday. If you start to conduct more than one workshop a week, and you need more sessions, we have a full back catalogue for you to explore. Sometimes, if I want to use an older EB Session, but I’m not sure which one to pick, I will use a random number generator.

Google has this built right in. You can just search for “Generate Random Number.” I personally like going to I put in however many EB Sessions that I have and grab the corresponding one that the number generator spits out. It’s a nice and simple way to keep things fresh.

This EB Sessions can be used multiple times for your creative writing exercises too. They will always be on your account, ready to be used or redownloaded when you need them. I have used all of the sessions, some of them multiple times. Once the chime sounds at the beginning it’s like a brand new beginning.

Creative writing exercises are an awesome way to start your day!

It’s true! The nice thing about the EB Method is that it only takes 15 minutes to do. Maybe 20 to get everything set up. Give yourself a little more time in the morning. Conducting an EB Workshop with yourself is an awesome way to start your day. I give a few tips about it and other ways to utilize the EB Method on this page. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with writing with an EB Session is really good.

Liven up parties with creative writing exercises.

Yes. You might not have tried this before, but it can be an awesome way to share some quality time with friends and family. You can find an article talking about incorporating the EB Method into your party in this article. Running a small workshop at your party is perfect for starting meaningful conversation. Don’t forget to have participants share! This is critical during a workshop.