Classroom Writing Activity

The Endless Beautiful Method is a great way to get your class writing! It’s a new and interactive take on an old subject that might be just the ticket to unleash the potential of your most reluctant writers. There is minimal setup for this classroom writing activity. You will need a way to play either an EB Session or the EB Engine. EB Sessions are premixed 15-minute blocks of sounds. The EB Engine is a random playlist of our entire sound library. You can find EB sessions on the HQ Sessions page. The EB Engine is on our landing page, near the top, where it says, “Press play to begin!”. We recommend starting out with a smaller chunk of time, such as 5 minutes, before launching into the full 15 minutes. When we do workshops with new groups, we will generally run for 7 and a half minutes. A computer with speakers, a laptop, or even a cell phone will work. Students will need something to write with.

Classroom Writing Activity Instructions

  • Tell your class that they should write anything that comes to mind while they are hearing the sounds. The only rule is that they can’t stop writing!
  • You can challenge your students to write different forms while listening (ie: stories, poems, essays, or journaling).
  • Make sure your students share with the class or within groups after they write! This is an important step that builds confidence in the classroom.
  • You can incorporate vocabulary and other elements into the EB Workshop as well. For instance, pick five different vocabulary words, put them up on the board, and tell the students that they should try to incorporate them into what they come up with.
  • The students will get better and more confident each time you have them do a workshop! EB is a great way to stay productive and mix things up!