Activate Your Imagination with Our High Quality Sessions

When was the last time you really used your imagination? Usually we associate imagination with child’s play, but activating your imagination is important at every age! We at Endless Beautiful produce High Quality Sessions to help you engage the power of your imagination in three simple steps. Listen. Create. Share.

Endless Beautiful is created by Lucas Pralle and Carolyn Decker. We are based in Providence, Rhode Island. Lucas and Carolyn personally record every soundscape you hear in Endless Beautiful Sessions. We record all over the world, collecting sounds from the natural environment, cityscapes, household objects, and so on. If it makes noise, we’re interested!

What do sounds have to do with activating your imagination?

We believe that listening is an essential part of the creative process. By simultaneously listening to the soundscapes in an EB Session and engaging your creative mind (through writing, drawing, brainstorming, etc), you can more easily activate your imagination to develop truly new and unique creative work. Listening opens your mind to the possibilities! Creating moves those possibilities from the imaginary into real life. Sharing brings your work to the world!

Every EB Session is different. We never reuse a recording. Lucas and Carolyn personally curate every session to bring you a one-of-a-kind listening experience combining the sounds of daily life and extraordinary events. We make this art to enable your creativity. Invest 15 minutes out of your week to create something of your very own using an EB Session of your choice.

We believe everyone is capable of being creative, and we aim to help spark that productivity. Endless Beautiful is a work of love. Please share what you create using the EB Method with us! We love to see your results!

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