About Us

Endless Beautiful is a community arts partnership that cultivates meaningful conversations through creativity and project-based multimedia education.

Listen. Create. Share.

EB is a creativity method that uses sounds as inspiration. The creators of the EB Method, Lucas Pralle and Carolyn Decker, record and compile all of the sounds used in the sessions. Pralle and Decker promote creativity and community art through public workshops and the Endless Beautiful Podcast. EB is about providing people with tools to unleash their creative potential and share their incredible creative capacity with the rest of the world. 

The EB Team:

Carolyn Decker, poet and wetland biologist, spends her favorite days outside asking plants about who they are and where they live. She studied environmental science at Wheaton College and spent a year as a Watson Fellow investigating the relationships between nature conservation and creative writing. Carolyn earned her Master of Biological and Environmental Sciences from the University of Rhode Island. She’s published various poems and essays. Endless Beautiful enables her to be a careful listener and thoughtful writer.

Lucas Pralle is in the right place when he’s putting learning and creativity tools to good use. Lucas believes in the transformative power of community art and has been creating and facilitating projects to better communities for several years. Lucas is the creative writing instructor for the Providence Clemente Veterans’ Initiative. He wrote and produced the audio drama, Inner Harsh, about his experiences as a veteran. Lucas was a member of the Worm Island podcast is on the Red Eye Report team.  Lucas earned his Master of Adult Education from the University of Rhode Island.


If you would like to contact us, please send an email to create [at] endlessbeautiful.com